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Why participate?

The results of research carried out by the WHO Prequalification Team: medicines (PQTm) indicated that manufacturers can benefit from participating in regional prequalification like WA-MRH in a number of ways. They may include:

increased sales or market access

  • eligibility for international, donor-sponsored tenders for medicines
  • improved capacity to manufacture products for entry into stringently-regulated markets
  • increased potential to compete successfully for contract manufacture for local markets
  • faster registration

improved image or brand

  • status associated with producing quality-assured products
  • enhanced image both externally and internally

reduced manufacturing costs

  • due to improved capacity utilization
  • lower variable/commercial operating costs

increased capacity/skills

  • development of human resources for ensuring and managing quality manufacture
  • capacity to ensure quality manufacture across range of products
  • new or increased capacity to meet stringent regulatory requirements.

Which manufacturers can participate?

Any manufacturer of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) or finished pharmaceutical product (FPP) within the ECOWAS region may apply for prequalification of its product(s), provided that the API or FPP is eligible for prequalification. As of date, local manufacturers from the 15 ECOWAS countries have an FPP or FPPs listed on the WAHO PQ FPPs lists

A Regional GMP Roadmap Framework for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry in ECOWAS

We are pleased to introduce the Regional GMP Roadmap Framework for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry in ECOWAS.The document forms part of an ongoing collaboration between WAHO and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO) to develop a strategy for region - wide upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry across West Africa.Importantly, it sets out a framework utilising a risk-based phased approach for the upgrading of manufacturing sites that can be adapted for specific country contexts.

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