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Medicines are inaccessible for the majority of West Africans. This inaccessibility contributes to the persistence and spread of diseases in the ECOWAS region. Although production capacity exists in the region, most of the medicines are still imported. Furthermore, production and efficacy of medicines and vaccines depend on several factors among which are, an effective regulatory regime, enforcement of legislation, quality control, pharmacovigilance and safety, adequate application of intellectual property flexibilities, procurement and storage systems, prescription, delivery and rational use of medicines, development of capacities in specialised human resources as well as innovation, research and development.

Programme Objective

Improve access to essential medicines, vaccines and other health products.

Programme Components

Specific Objectives

  • Strengthen the capacities of pharmaceutical units in the region including the National Medicines Regulatory Authorities;
  • Facilitate the integration of intellectual property flexibilities into national policies and legislation;
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of policies for promoting innovation, research and development of pharmaceutical products;
  • Improve access to quality medicines

A Regional GMP Roadmap Framework for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry in ECOWAS

We are pleased to introduce the Regional GMP Roadmap Framework for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry in ECOWAS.The document forms part of an ongoing collaboration between WAHO and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO) to develop a strategy for region - wide upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry across West Africa.Importantly, it sets out a framework utilising a risk-based phased approach for the upgrading of manufacturing sites that can be adapted for specific country contexts.

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